Parks & Recreation

Memorial Park
The Borden Parks and Recreation Board is charged with the development and fundraising of Borden Memorial Park and is governed by the Village of Borden. We have a long-term plan for what the park should look like in the future and are open to ideas.
In 2012 we placed a 3.5 km walking trail within the park. With the help of donations from the community, we recently installed two home run fences at the ball diamonds. Our next plan is to build an outdoor event center that will encompass the canteen. Part of our bigger picture is to have a bridge over Shepard's Creek to connect the trail for a shorter distance on the trail.
After the installation of the home run fencing for both ball diamonds, we were able to plant trees behind the fence to create a beautifully defined area as well as create some much-needed shade.
In 2015 we had Escape Sports help us design a disc golf course that starts on the east side of the skating rink and continues behind the home run fencing.

In 2017 thanks to a grant from Canada 150 for 50% of the total cost, we purchased and installed a brand new play structure which is a highlight of our park.
We are looking for associate members and board members. The difference between an associate member and a board member is that associate members do not need to come to the regular meetings, which are held on the last Thursday of each month. They still have input into the park development however, they do not get a vote at the board table. An associate member can be in charge of a portion of an event, for example, the canteen, or in charge of the ball tournament for Diefenbaker Days. A board member will have a vote at the table as well as have input into the development of the park and maybe in charge of an event at a function.
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